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Terms & Conditions

We offer administrations (the "Administrations") through which you can offer certain buyer electronic items (the "Items") in the wake of accepting an "underlying quote" from us by recognizing your Product and its condition and finishing checkout on our site. You should consent to comply with the accompanying terms keeping in mind the end goal to utilize the Services as well as our Website.

BY SETTING UP AN ACCOUNT, OR BY USING OUR WEB SITES, YOU SIGNIFY THAT YOU ARE 18 (eighteen years old) OR OLDER, HAVE FULL CAPACITY TO CONTRACT, AND AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS, WHICH MAY BE AMENDED AT ANY TIME BY POSTING THE AMENDED TERMS ON THE WEBSITES. ANY AMENDED TERMS WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY AFTER THEY ARE POSTED. We maintain all authority to end or suspend your utilization of the Websites and additionally the Services in the event that you don't conform to this Agreement or some other arrangement or strategy, or for some other reason we decide, in our sole caution.

Fundamental Information

These terms represent any underlying quote that you get to pitch your Product to or through us. These terms, the terms that administer your utilization of the sites ("Websites"), the Services and all applications included in that, which terms are situated on our Website, the terms of our protection revelations situated on the Website and any supplemental terms or approaches that go with a particular exchange, highlight or application on the whole make up an understanding amongst you and us (the "Assention"). You recognize that this Agreement is in electronic shape and has an indistinguishable constrain and impact from an assention in composing. In this Agreement, the expression "you" or "your" alludes to an individual or substance practicing rights under this Agreement, and the expression "we" or "us" alludes to our organization and its associates and auxiliaries.

1. Necessities. So as to finish the offer of your Product to or through us or to finish whatever other exchange with us, you should: (i) make a record with us; (ii) give valid, exceptional, and precise record data about yourself and any Product you submit to us; (iii) follow all terms and states of this Agreement; (iv) conform to every single relevant law and directions, including all import and fare laws as depicted in Section 15 beneath; (v) execute in the interest of yourself and not in the interest of others; and (vi) have the lawful ability to go into understandings and to pass on title and enthusiasm for any Product that you submit to us. Keeping in mind the end goal to get installments for any Products we buy from you, you should give us data including a substantial email address at which you can get email, a legitimate postal address at which you can get mail, and your first and last name. We might not be in charge of correspondence blunders should your contact data be wrong or inadequate. You are in charge of guaranteeing that you can get messages from us and we are not in charge of any messages that were not gotten by you since they were blocked or separated as spam. You comprehend and concur that on the off chance that you neglect to give us precise and up and coming data about yourself: (a) we won't be in charge of any twisted installments or installments sent to a wrong address, and (b) any unclaimed assets might be liable to gathering by legislative specialists under material unclaimed assets and escheat laws. You concur that we have no commitment to you if any of your unclaimed assets are swung over to administrative experts.

2. Item Eligibility. We decide, in our sole carefulness, which Products are qualified for buy by or through the Services and for which qualified Products we will give an underlying or consequent quote. We may end the qualification of specific Products whenever and without notification ahead of time.

3. A. Initial Quotes Presented on Website. All such initial quotes are qualified and pending our evaluation of your laptop, smartphone, tablet PC, or any other electronic device (hereinafter referred to as "device"). No binding quote is made until we have had a chance to inspect the device that you send to us. We maintain all authority to decline to buy any thing that you send us for any reason we regard, in our sole attentiveness, to be sensible. You should send us your gadget inside the day and age expressed in this. All sums are paid by PayPal exchange or by organization check and sent to the deliver you give to us amid the underlying quote handle, per your assignment. This generally takes five (5) business days from the date on which your gadget arrives and is assessed at our office unless we have to address you specifically about the quote we wish to make. We require provoke receipt of your gadget and we facilitate this procedure of our investigation and handling of installment compatible thereto as important to acclimate with target states of fluctuating business sector costs, ceaseless changes in supply, and request representing our capacity to pay up to a specific sum. The timeframes set forth below are deemed necessary by these dictates of our business and you are acknowledging your understanding thereof and agreement thereto each by requesting the prepaid shipping materials and sending us your device as the result of accepting these terms on the checkout page.

B. You agree to ship your device within seven (7) days of getting the defensive bundling. Postponement in transportation may contrarily influence the assurance of estimation of the gadget. We decide the estimation of your gadget in view of our efficient investigation of such gadgets and the present commercial center. Many components are mulled over, for example, the age of the gadget, the maker and model of the gadget, the wear and tear obvious on the gadget, regardless of whether the gadget is usable or potentially in place in nature, and different components that would influence its resale esteem or expenses of repair to the gadget. On the off chance that we choose to buy your gadget whether at the underlying quote or a lower cite, we quickly convey an email with the measure of installment in light of the evaluation. Your rights as to such installment are represented in passages E and F, beneath. In the event that we choose not to buy the gadget, you will be given the choice of enabling us to reuse the gadget in which case you won't get any installment for the gadget. You should fittingly bundle the gadget you send us keeping in mind the end goal to shield it from hurt amid the delivery procedure. If you fail to appropriately package the device prior to sending it you are solely responsible for any harm that comes to the device.

C. (a) Sending Your Item to Us. You are exclusively in charge of the danger of misfortune or harm of/to your property while it is being transported to us and keeping in mind that it is delivered from us to you, should we restore the thing to you. We are in charge of danger of-misfortune when we open the bundling containing your Product and stops in the occasion we restore your Product to you for any reason. For the shirking of uncertainty, in such occasion, danger of-misfortune will be exchanged to you once we convey the bundle to the bearer for come back to you and you will bear the danger of-misfortune while the Product is in travel.

D. (b) Data Removal. We will attempt to evacuate any information upon your hard drive or other media stockpiling of your gadget and may reformat the drive keeping in mind the end goal to do as such. In any case, we can't ensure that all by and by identifiable information or other touchy or security-related data will be expelled from your drive or other memory gadgets by us. As needs be, you should expel any such data from your gadget before you send it to us. You consent to hold us safe and repay us from any misfortune or damage coming about because of your disappointment and our inability to expel such data preceding exchanging or reusing the gadget that you send. We are not in charge of any misfortune endured by you because of any information that is not eradicated from the gadget and winds up plainly accessible to any outsider consequent to our last manner of your gadget.Remember to make all necessary backups or transfers of data from your device before you send it if you wish to keep or reuse any data that is stored on your device.

E. Should you be given an initial quote via our Website AND we, upon inspection of your device, agree to pay you that amount, you are legally and contractually bound to sell us such device for the price initially quoted via the Website once you have shipped the device to us.

F. Should we, upon inspection of your device, decide to quote you a lower price than originally initially quoted, we will email you notice of such amount and you will have five (5) days to either accept or reject that new lower price. The five days begins upon inspection of your device and our emailing you notice of intended payment either pursuant to the original initial quote or such value as we determine in our sole discretion. If you reject any subsequent quote prior to the elapsing of this five-day period, we will return your device to you within five days thereafter. If you fail to either accept or reject the new quote within the five days or IF WE ARE UNABLE TO CONTACT YOU AND YOU FAIL TO CONTACT OUR PURCHASING DEPARTMENT BY PHONE WITHIN THESE FIVE DAYS, YOU WILL BE DEEMED TO HAVE ACCEPTED THE NEW QUOTE/PAYMENT AND WE WILL HAVE PURCHASED YOUR DEVICE FOR THAT PRICE and paid for pursuant to the terms of this agreement. It is your responsibility to be available to receive a call or an email for the purposes of our contacting you to notify you of such new quote. In all cases where you request the return of your device by speaking to Purchasing Department over the phone and within the five (5) days set forth above, such device will be returned free of charge.

G. Electronic Notices and Transactions. You consent to execute with us electronically, without confinement, consenting to terms and conditions or offering to offer your Product by electronic means. You approve us to give you terms and critical notification about our organization and your exchanges through an email deliver you give to us, or by posting sees on a pertinent page (or My Account zone) on our Website. It is your obligation to keep your email address precise and up and coming, to keep up a substantial email address, and to guarantee that messages we send you are not sifted or ceased by spam channels or different sorts of email blocking functionalities. On the off chance that you never again craving to execute electronically with us, you may never again utilize the Websites.

H. Item Inspection; Quote Recalculation. Your Product must be gotten by us inside ten (10) days after you acknowledge the first quote given by us and finish the checkout procedure on the Website (the "Conveyance Period") or the quote should naturally terminate. Pressing and delivering suggestions given to you by us ought to be followed with a specific end goal to maintain a strategic distance from conceivable harm to or loss of the Product in travel. We will review all Products that are gotten. We have the alternative to acknowledge or dismiss the Product, including, without restriction, to dismiss any Product not fitting in with the depiction you given to us, any Product adjusted such that it never again complies with the first processing plant details, any Product never again consenting to appropriate laws or directions (e.g., FCC rules, and so forth.) as well as any Product harmed or lost in travel. In the event that we dismiss the Product for any of these reasons, the underlying quote naturally lapses and is repealed. We maintain whatever authority is needed to disavow the underlying quote and give a modified quote to the Product or restore your gadget if: (a) the Product or potentially materials are not as portrayed, (b) the Product is gotten by us after the Delivery Period, (c) we get Product(s) that are not the same as those distinguished when your quote was computed, (d) economic situations have changed, or (e) for any reason we decide is essential.

I. Recalculated Product Quotes after Inspection. In the occasion we recalculate the underlying quote accommodated the Product after it has been gotten and investigated, as depicted above, you might have the choice of tolerating or dismissing the new such quote. On the off chance that you acknowledge the new quote, you will be paid in typical course and as per these administration terms. On the off chance that you dismiss the new quote, we will restore the Product to you at the address from which it was initially sent. We will give you a time of five (5) days after we have given you a recalculated cite by means of email at the deliver you given to acknowledge or dismiss the new quote (the "New Quote Period"). In any case, if the new quote is neither positively acknowledged nor dismisses by you amid the New Quote Period, the new quote will be considered to have been acknowledged by you and you will be paid the new quote cost in the typical course and as per these administration terms. For the evasion of uncertainty, your acknowledgment of the underlying quote or potentially any new quote in accordance with these terms and conditions is last and you may not alter your opinion later about tolerating such quote cost.

J. Refreshing your data and email correspondence inclinations. We need to speak with you just in the event that you need to get notification from us. In the event that you incline toward not to get data from us, please let us know by calling us FREE at (775) 954-1103 or by sending us an email. It would be ideal if you take note of that occasionally these solicitations may take up to 1-2 weeks to be viable. What's more, when you pitch your gadgets to us on the web, we may need to get in touch with you by means of telephone, email or mail to address inquiries or issues particular to your request, or with a limited time special. In the event that you might want to quit any further correspondence after consummation of the primary transaction(s), please utilize the quit connect in the email message sent to you, or reach us through email including your email address, full name, and particularly what data you would prefer not to be accepting from us later on. On the off chance that you might want to refresh or rectify your email address, road address, or some other individual data with us please get in touch with us either by telephone or email.

K. Wellness available to be purchased; Phone and Internet Service. You should have OK, title, and enthusiasm for any Products you try to pitch to us and all Products must have the capacity to be enacted for new administration (unless the Product is unequipped for being actuated in light of the fact that it is in "broken" condition). The Products and the deal and shipment of such things to us: (an) absolute necessity conform to every pertinent law, statutes, laws, including without impediment all import and fare laws as portrayed underneath, (b) may not encroach on outsider licensed innovation rights (counting copyrights, trademarks, licenses, exchange insider facts or other restrictive rights), and (c) might not be fake, stolen, or fake. You speak to and warrant that the Products are free of any liens or encumbrances, including outsider programming which may not be exchanged or for which sovereignties are expected. By utilizing the Services, you consent to repay us from all cases or misfortunes maintained by us because of any rupture of these portrayals and guarantees. It is your obligation to end telephone, web or potentially any comparative administration on your Product preceding pitching it to us. We are not in charge of any administration charges identified with your Product, regardless of whether you bring about such charges some time recently, amid, or after your utilization of the Services. It is additionally your duty to expel any security codes that would anticipate utilization of any Product.

L. Legal Sales Only. By consenting to these terms and conditions and by delivery your gadget to us, you ensure that you are the lawful proprietor of the gadget that you send. You should possess the right, title and all legitimate enthusiasm for the gadget you send us. Your deal as well as shipment of any such thing must not abuse any law, direction, or statute of any locale. You may not unlawfully exchange or hinder any protected innovation, trademark, copyright, patent, programming, permit, or other legitimate right or limitation by means of your delivery or offering of the dispatched thing. The thing you transport must be free of every single legitimate limitation that would influence the estimation of the thing, or confine your lawful appropriate to exchange responsibility for thing (counting the thing itself, programming present on the thing, or equipment on or inside the thing). You should abstain from damaging any fare laws or limitations. The thing you send (counting every related material, programming and extra equipment) may not be forged, stolen, or contain destructive or hostile substance of any nature. You consent to hold us safe and reimburse us from all loss of any nature, including expenses, costs, judgments, liens, and sensible lawyer's charges, emerging from any undermined or real lawful activity should you disregard this term and state of this Agreement.

M. Inability to Return Product or Contents Thereto. Under certain constrained conditions, at no blame of our own, we will be unable to restore your thing and you consent to hold us safe from any misfortune with respect to our disappointment, when outside of our control, to restore your gadget to you. We will never under any condition copy or restore any product or information contained on your gadget.

N. Going of Title. Lawful title of your gadget goes to us when we consent to pay you the underlying quote sum as appeared on our site, you consent to acknowledge a lower cite that we make to you, or we send you notice of another quote and you don't call us inside five (5) days asking for the arrival of your gadget or to have us reuse such gadget. All installments are sent as built up by our ordinary course of business. On the off chance that we don't consent to acknowledge your Product by method for buy or as a machine to be reused, at that point title does not go to us. Title for all gadgets acknowledged for reusing goes to us when you consent to enable the gadget to be reused. All choices about regardless of whether we buy your gadget and for what dollar sum are last. Any quote to buy your gadget that we make lapses if not acknowledged by you in an opportune way, as depicted thus. Whenever we may choose, without earlier notice, to end buying a specific or all things.

O. Blunders. Should we make a material blunder in any portrayal of actualities, data or offers to you, your sole plan of action is to ask for the arrival of the thing that you have sent to us. Your capacity to ask for the arrival of the thing slips by five (5) days after your receipt of our email advising you of the measure of the quote. If you choose to wipe out the exchange before the slipping by of the five days, we will restore the thing to you upon your demand.

P. Non-Transferable. Any quote by us for your Product is non-transferable and not redeemable for some other thought other than what is offered by us.

Q. Advancements. Every once in a while, and at our sole tact, we may offer limited time programs as a motivator to clients. Advancements material to installments are connected as an augmentation to the last estimation of a client's Product, yet they are not viewed as an adjustment in that last esteem. Special projects have unequivocally characterized terms, including however not constrained to, lapse, use per individual and per exchange, and different confinements and limitations. Unless generally expressed, advancements must be connected by you before checkout. For the evasion of uncertainty, once checkout is finished, advancements can't be connected to a similar exchange. We save the privilege, in our sole tact, to wipe out or decline any advancements.

R. Precision of All Information. We bend over backward to guarantee the precision of all data you get in connection to your Product. Now and again, in any case, there might be typographical mistakes, specialized mistakes, evaluating, or different blunders or oversights. All things considered, we hold the privilege, whenever preceding installment, to (an) adjust a mistake, or (b) change the terms.

S. Protection. We see security of clients' protection as an imperative group rule. When you utilize the Websites and the Services, we gather data about you. You concur that we may gather and utilize your data as per the Privacy Policy, which you can audit by setting off to the Website, as the same might be refreshed occasionally. In the event that you question your data being moved or utilized as a part of along these lines, kindly don't utilize our Websites or administrations.

T. Get to. You are in charge of getting, at your own cost, all hardware and administrations expected to get to and utilize the Websites and the Services, including all gadgets, web programs and web get to. On the off chance that you get to the Website and the Services through a versatile or remote gadget, you are in charge of all expenses that your transporter may charge you for information, content informing, and different remote get to or correspondences administrations.

U. Utilization of Services. By utilizing the Websites, you concur not to (i) get to any of the Services by any methods (counting, without restriction, by utilization of scripts, web crawlers or comparable techniques) other than through the UI given by us; and (ii) participate in whatever other movement that meddles with or upsets the Services or execution of the Websites.


W. Constrained Liability. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE COMPANY, ITS DIRECTORS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, AFFILIATES, AGENTS, OR CONTRACTORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY COMPENSATORY, DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES, LOSS OF DATA, INCOME OR PROFIT, LOSS OF OR DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, OR ANY CLAIMS OF YOU OR OTHER THIRD PARTIES WHATSOEVER WITH RESPECT TO YOUR TRANSACTIONS WITH US UNDER THIS AGREEMENT. A few states don't permit the avoidance or confinement of risk of considerable or accidental harms, so the above rejections may not make a difference to all clients; in such states obligation is constrained without bounds degree allowed by law.

X. Reimbursement. You consent to reimburse, shield, and hold the organization including its parent, auxiliaries, subsidiaries, officers, chiefs, workers, specialists, delegates, sellers, and merchants, safe from and against all cases, liabilities, harms, misfortunes, costs, costs, or charges (counting sensible lawyers' expenses) that such gatherings may cause because of or emerging from your (or anybody utilizing your account's) infringement or rupture of any terms under this Agreement. We maintain whatever authority is needed to accept the selective safeguard and control of any issue generally subject to reimbursement by you and, in such case, you consent to coordinate with our protection of such claim.

Y. Whole Agreement/No Waiver. This Agreement constitutes the whole assention of the gatherings concerning the topic in this regard. The subtitles are utilized just as an issue of comfort and are not to be viewed as a piece of this understanding or be utilized as a part of deciding the goal of the gatherings to it. No waiver by us of any break or default hereunder might be esteemed to be a waiver of any previous or resulting rupture or default.

Z. Adjustment of Errors and Inaccuracies. The Website and any correspondence identified with an exchange may contain typographical mistakes or different blunders or errors and may not be finished or current. We hence claim all authority to revise any blunders, errors or oversights and to change or refresh the substance whenever without earlier notice. We don't, in any case, ensure that any mistakes, errors, or exclusions will be rectified.

AA. Alteration. We maintain all authority to alter this Agreement whenever. In the event that you don't consent to the progressions, you may cease utilizing the Websites as well as the Services. Your proceeded with utilization of any Website as well as Services after any such changes produce results constitutes your acknowledgment to such changes. Each time you present a Product available to be purchased to us, you reaffirm your acknowledgment of this Agreement as basically at the season of such utilize. You are in charge of checking on this Agreement each time you utilize the Websites and additionally the Services. The Agreement is and will be situated on the site. The last date this Agreement was reexamined is put forward underneath. Terms and conditions adjusting the Agreement are taking effect right now after posting.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding the above Agreement, please feel free to email our webmaster.

General Terms and Conditions


This Agreement constitutes the whole assention between the gatherings. Inscriptions are utilized just as an issue of accommodation and have no legitimate import. No waiver by us in regards to any rupture or default should be considered to be a waiver of any first or consequent break or default. Our site or different productions and correspondences may contain mistakes. We maintain whatever authority is needed to amend any blunders in composing or orally with you. We endeavor to make each exchange quick and simple! Should you have any inquiries with respect to these terms and conditions, kindly don't falter to call us at (775) 954-1103 or email utilizing the Contact Us page.

Revision Date: 04/09/2015

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