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Your 3GS Is So Old, You Should Recycle It

There are still individuals who claim an iPhone 3GS from 2009. In the event that regardless you possess one, that device is antiquated in the tech world. While others are appreciating the majority of the most recent elements and programming updates of iOS 7, you are screwed over thanks to iOS 6 and can't run any of the designs escalated diversions.

Its 2009 motto read, "The speediest, most intense iPhone yet." We don't think so now, and from the slacking and stammering on your 3GS, you don't either. Supplant it with the most coherent decision, the new yet exceptionally expensive iPhone 5s.

we'll buy your iPhone 3GS in any condition

You Should Sell That iPhone 3GS

The good thing is, the iPhone 5s is justified regardless of your well deserved cash. An A7 chipset in light of 64-bit design is fitted inside it while a modest 600 MHz Cortex-A8 processor chugs inside the 3GS. The distinction in execution resembles contrasting night with day.

Where slacks torment the iPhone 3GS because of the moderate processor, applications open right away and procedures are executed promptly on the iPhone 5s. Apple quadrupled the RAM on the iPhone 5s, from the 3GS' 256MB to 1GB. Likewise, the 8MP camera of the iPhone 5s is superior to the 3MP camera of the 3GS.

The most energizing element of the iPhone 5s is the new Touch ID unique mark scanner. For that very reason alone, you ought to be en route now to offer your iPhone 3GS and get your own particular iPhone 5s at the closest Apple Store! If you don't like it, you can sell iPhone 5S with us too!

Below are ways to sell your iPhone 3GS:

  • Trade-In. Since the iPhone 3GS is very old, Apple will most likely just give you a gift card worth a few dollars for it or in-store credit. The big retailers may do the same.
  • Get Cash Online the Secure Way. The next option is to post your item on either eBay or Amazon. Transactions are secure and fast on Amazon and eBay provided that you already have positive feedback. Also, the sites take a commission fee from you.
  • A More Open Way to Sell. Another way is to use Craigslist. This is safe if you know your way around and have done your own sales there. If not, be very careful about who you trust.
  • Padlock and stack of credit cards on top of laptop

Why Recycle Your iPhone 3GS

In the event that the locales above are excessively confused and unsecure, you can reuse your iPhone 3GS on You can make sure that eCycle Best is protected and secure on the grounds that it is checked by Trustwave. Here at, customers won't simply be expressed gratitude toward when they trade-in iPhones for reusing. You will get money for it. Here's the secret:

  1. Go to and get an underlying quote.
  2. Round out the contact shape. The delivery pack will get to you in 3-5 business days.
  3. Restore the crate with your gadget inside.
  4. We will review your gadget.
  5. Your will get your check via the post office or exchanged to your PayPal account.

iPhone 3GS for cash

Think about it, while you’re doing your part helping the environment, you’re also getting paid for it. Let go of your outdated piece of technology. 

Trade in iPhone 3Gs for cash to eCycle Best! Get an online quote and be surprised with the hidden value of that fossil! Free and trackable shipping is on us! 




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